Buyer Email Example Templates for Real Estate

Keep your buyer clients informed and updated through the entire real estate transaction with these free email templates. Choose from more than 30 examples.

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After Closing Check in

Quick check in email for after closing to see how things are going and request an online review.

Buyer Accepted Offer

Email for accepted offers to introduce buyers to preferred inspectors and communicate the inspection deadline

Buyer Clear to Close

Quick update email to let clients know they are clear to close and to expect further communication soon.

Buyer Closing Instructions

Reminds the buyer of closing date and time as well as important items to remember and bring.

Congrats on your Pre-Approval

Introduces the next steps and tips for for successful house hunting after being pre-approved.

Earnest Money Instructions

Reminder of earnest money due date and instructions for delivering the earnest money payment correctly.

Moving Checklist Email

Helpful pre-closing email template including a checklist and pro tips for packing and moving.

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