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Considering switching to Shaker? We’ll show you how we compare to your current tools and the benefits you can expect when you make the switch.



Do you need Brokermint or Shaker? Learn more about Shakers all-in-one transaction and client communication software. Simplify workflows and increase productivity with user friendly workflow automation.

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Choosing Shaker instead of Realvolve will give you access to an easier to use interface, better support and a client facing portal designed to facilitate better communication with buyers and sellers at nearly half the price.

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Switching from Skyslope to Shaker unlocks several features including CRM functions, client and team collaboration features and the flexibility to build your process your way. Not to mention, brining everything you need into one place.

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Referral Maker

Real estate pros that switch from Buffini & Companies Referral Maker CRM to Shaker enjoy a easy to use, modern interface and gain access to transaction management and client communication features.

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Paperless Pipeline

Users who switch from Paperless Pipeline to Shaker love the modern, easy to use interface and gain the added benefit of including clients in all transaction communication through the client portal.

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Shaker can be combined with dotloop for more enhanced client communication and team collaboration throughout a real estate transaction. Users who combine the power of shaker and dotloop enjoy seamless document signing along with transaction automation and CRM functions.

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Folio by Amitree

When switching from Folio to Shaker, users gain access to CRM functions and smart transaction management automations, plus team based task management and document signing integrations. Keeping your clients and team informed has never been easier. See how Shaker compares to Folio.

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Top Producer

Swapping Top Producer for Shaker will give you access to an easier interface, expanded real estate transaction management capabilities and a client facing portal designed to facilitate better communication.

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