Real Estate Lead Nurture Email Templates

Follow-up is the key to converting leads into clients. Find inspiration for emails to include in your lead prospecting drip programs to potential buyers.

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Buyer Lead Nurture House Hunting

Earn new business by highlighting your house hunting resourcefulness and willingness to go above and beyond.

Buyer Listing Updates

A follow-up email to buyer prospects offering to subscribe them to personalized listing updates.

Lead Nurture Testimonials

Message to prospects highlighting your experience and past success with a link to testimonials.

Open House Follow Up

Simple follow up email template to make a first connection with a prospect after an open house.

Open House Follow up Meeting

Try this post open house follow up email template to set a meeting with prospects in an active market.

Passive Buyer Nurture Email

Email example to connect with prospective buyers who are passively looking in a low pressure way.

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