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After Closing Check in

Copy and paste this template into your message body and personalize to fit your style. If using in Shaker, be sure confirm all of the suggested merge fields have been created in your account.
Subject: Hope you are settling in 🙂

Hi {{ deal.firstNames }},

I hope you are enjoying your new home!

I wanted to thank you again for letting me be your Realtor on your home purchase :) If you make any changes to the house, please share photos, I would love to see how you’ve added your personal touch!

Online reviews have become so important in our industry, so if you have a minute and could write a review on the Zillow request I just sent over, I would REALLY appreciate it.

As always, If you have any friends or family looking to buy or sell, send them my way. I promise to take good care of them!

Let me know if you need any help with anything on the new house!