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Buyer Accepted Offer

Copy and paste this template into your message body and personalize to fit your style. If using in Shaker, be sure confirm all of the suggested merge fields have been created in your account.
Congratulations- Your offer at {{ deal.street }} was accepted!

Hey {{ deal.firstNames }},

Exciting news! Your offer was accepted and is now pending. Here is what to expect in the next few days:

The next step on our road to closing is completing the home inspection. Please schedule this ASAP. Our response to the owners is due on or before {{ deal.inspectionContingencyDate }}.

I trust and recommend the following vendors to all my clients, but it's your right to choose an inspector you trust.

1. <Add Recommended Home Inspector>

2. <Add Recommended Home Inspector>

Once you've completed the inspection, we'll review the inspection report together and decide on any next steps/requests for your inspection response.

Thanks and as always, please let me know if you have any questions.