May 24, 2022

Must Have Productivity Tools for Real Estate Agents

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Productivity is the lifeblood of success for real estate agents. For an agent to succeed, they need to be able to make use of their time and increase their bandwidth as much as possible. But with so many facets of real estate transactions, how can a real estate agent ensure that their time is being spent efficiently? Thankfully, there are productivity tools for real estate agents to address every aspect of making deals.

Types of Real Estate Productivity Tools You Need

When it comes to being productive, organization and automation is key. There are several categories of tools that real estate agents can use to stay organized and to automate as much as possible without sacrificing customer service. In fact, many of the tools mentioned below actually have the benefit of augmenting the client experience.

Categories of Productivity Tools

General Organization

To begin, a successful real estate agent must have the basic tools for organization in the digital age. For this, there’s really nothing better than Google Suite of products.

Google Suite is an affordable solution to the multiple needs of real estate agents and other professionals. Google Suite includes:

  • Gmail for email
  • Google Drive for cloud storage of text files, image files and even software files. 
  • Google Sheets for tracking budget and valuable data
  • Google Docs for preparing letters and other communiques.
  • Google Slides for preparing client presentations.
  • Google Forms for creating client surveys and quizzes, which can assist with obtaining client feedback.

Communication Tools

Communication is essential at every stage of dealing with clients. From the first step of their buyer’s journey, the savvy real estate agent must be responsive and communicative with potential and existing clients.

The best way to achieve this is through real estate email automation. Email automation makes the process of digital communication more streamlined and less labor-intensive. Shaker’s real estate transaction software offers email automation that includes automated emails that allow agents to touch base with and nurture leads. For existing clients, there’s a client communication portal that essentially “holds hands” with clients as the agent helps them to navigate through the home buying or selling process.

Document Automation

A large part of a real estate agent's job is document management. Not only are you responsible for providing the correct documentation for every transaction, but you must also ensure the accuracy and client accessibility of all legal documents related to the purchase or sale. Document automation makes this enormous responsibility way easier. 

An ideal solution to this could be software that allows agents to store documents online, seamlessly email them to the correct clients and to edit them as needed for future use. It would prove especially valuable to busy real estate agents who are serious about maintaining compliance with the regulatory boards that govern creation, storage, and disbursement of those documents.

E-signature Tools

When it comes to moving a transaction forward, waiting on the signature can take too long. E-signature tools reduce the need to wait on paper and pen contracts to go through the long process of waiting on a desk somewhere. Instead, you can securely email a document to the signer and receive an electronic signature back within minutes, all in an encrypted and secure environment.

The leading software provider for e-signature tools is Docusign, used by small and large companies worldwide. It’s even used by some government agencies and tax return software providers.

Transaction Management

The tricky thing with managing transactions as a real estate agent is that they are always in different stages. You may have one potential client whom you are still nurturing, who needs marketing materials. Another might be ready to put in an offer on a property. Yet another may want to ask for a property inspection report, another who wants to lower the price on their house, another who is nearly ready to close, and so on. The disorganization makes it more likely that a transaction will slip through the cracks.

Transaction management software from Shaker is a game changer. It allows real estate agents to quickly see at a glance where every client is in the pipeline, closely monitor each transaction as if it were the only one, and provide accurate, efficient service for every client.

Get ahead of the game with real estate software

Whether you’re a beginner real estate agent or a seasoned agent looking to become more efficient so you can make more money, these productivity tools for real estate agents will help. The best thing is, you can get a free software demo of Shaker real estate agent tools. You’ll be able to get all of your questions answered, and find out for yourself how easy it can be to become the successful agent you know you’re capable of becoming

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