October 10, 2022

Shaker + kvCORE Integration

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Team Shaker is please to announce an integration with kvCORE. This latest integration is just one of many steps we’ve been taking over the last several months to further our mission to be the daily command center for your team or brokerage.

With this new feature, users can import vital client and vendor data from kvCORE Lead Engine Tools into Shaker - combining the CRM power of kvCORE with the transaction management and client communication features of Shaker.

What the KVCore and Shaker integration does:

Contact Imports:

When creating new contacts, Shaker will detect any email addresses that already exist in kvCORE and present the option to import that contact from kvCORE.  

Importing a contact from kvCORE will sync data such as name, address, lead source, birthday’s anniversary date, tags and more.

Vendor Imports:

When adding a vendor to a file from a deal page, users will see vendors in kvCORE upon searching. By selecting a vendor with a kvCORE label, you can import that vendors contact information into shaker, allowing them to begin receiving trigger communications regarding that deal.

For more information on the kvCORE integration, and instructions to connect, click here.

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