March 22, 2022

How to Close More Deals Using Real Estate Automation

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Getting ahead as a real estate agent requires a broad set of skills and disciplines. You’ve got nail sales, marketing, running a small business - all while juggling hundreds of tasks per deal.  

There comes a time when every successful real estate agent maxes out their ability to take on more clients because they simply don’t have enough time to take on more work. This ultimately limits your ability to grow your business and sadly, your income.

So how can you increase your output and squeeze out a little more juice? One way is to master the art of real estate automation.

The best agents save hours and cover more ground working smarter. We’ll teach you how you can use real estate automation to get back your time and get ahead. Did somebody say rainmaker?

Table of Contents:
  • The secret to closing more deals
  • How to close more real estate deals using automation
  • What to automate & how
  • Real estate automation software

The secret to closing more deals

You can’t actually clone yourself to run more buyers or attend more listing appointments, but you can find some parts of your day that a little robot version of you can do without anyone noticing. The secret is to figure out where you're needed most and what uses of your time are most valuable. Doing this allows you to automate the less important jobs and expand the face time you can have with clients. 

Freeing up your capacity to sell, starts with getting your systems and processes organized.

Real estate automation doesn’t have to be impersonal

You might think that the word automation sounds impersonal and fear that your clients will notice that you aren’t hitting send on every email or text message yourself. But the truth is, there are many things you can automate that no one will notice. 

If done right, automation can actually enhance your customer experience. And at the end of the day, clients just want to be informed and know you're on top of things. Orchestrating smooth processes and transparent communication is a win, win for everyone at the closing table.

Work you can easily automate in Real Estate

Some things in real estate are easier to automate than others. In general, processes that are the most valuable for automation are ones you do repetitively and digitally. Think emails, texts, and to-do lists.

We’ll review some key processes that can benefit from real estate automation and provide tips for getting started.

Transaction Checklists

First things first, if you don't have a transaction checklist for both your buy side and sell side transactions it's time to make them. If you don’t know where to start, the internet is full of examples.  Simply list all of the steps you need to take to get a deal closed from start to finish including documents you need to collect, emails you need to send, etc. There are many checklist software solutions available, but good old fashioned spreadsheets will work in a pinch. Having a checklist you can refer back to for every transaction will give you peace of mind and free up space in your head for other things.

Email Templates

Each major milestone in a real estate transaction is an opportunity to inform your client, and let them know you are on top of their deal and there to support them. That said, most of what you send clients is going to be the same information you send to other clients. This is why creating email templates will save you hours of time. You can always personalize your message a bit before you send it, but starting with a template will help streamline your work.

With a good real estate transaction automation system you can even schedule your email templates to send at key milestones of a transaction such as pending, inspection, pre-closing, etc.
If you don’t have real estate automation software, simply keep them in a word or google doc to easily copy and paste when you’re in email mode.

At a loss for words - here are some real estate email examples you can adapt to fit your brand and style.

Appointment Scheduling

There are few things more time consuming than going back and forth with someone via email trying to find a convenient time to meet, go out on showings etc. And when you finally have a time nailed down you’ve got to send a calendar invite to confirm. Innovations in online appointment scheduling have come a long way and if you aren’t leveraging this as a real estate agent, for your listings and showings - don’t wait any longer. Services like showing time and Calendly will change your life.

Real estate automation software

Real estate automation makes time-consuming busywork easier, leaving you more time to build your brand - or hit the golf course if that's what you’re seeking. Of course, you can boost how much time you’re able to save by leveraging tools specialized to incorporate automation into your real estate business.

Shaker is a transaction management software that specializes in real estate automation features like checklists, timeline, email, and data entry automation. Other useful features include built-in calendars, a client portal and specialty project management settings for real estate teams

Request a demo today to see Shaker in action!

We all know in real estate, the experience of buying a house can be stressful. When a client has a good experience, you can usually count on them to choose you again or even refer friends and family! In fact, 74% of buyers use their real estate agents again or recommend them to others. So get automating and start scaling your business more efficiently!

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