April 13, 2021

How to Help an Introvert Become a Rockstar Realtor

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Many people who go into real estate do so because they love people. For those social butterflies amongst us, a job that is so face time intensive, where the ability to network and interact with many new people can bring unlimited success, can be a dream job. And many industry leaders and highly successful brokers in real estate are extroverts through and through.

But while it may seem like "Type A" people have a distinct advantage when it comes to the world of real estate, the truth is that the introverted realtor has some very real advantages of their own. If you've paused at adding an introverted realtor to the team, here's how the right realtor coaching can transform the most introverted realtor into a rockstar. 

Tips for Coaching Real Estate Agents that Are Introverts

When putting together a realtor training program, it's important to remember that introverts will benefit from some different lessons and techniques than will extroverts. If you are an extroverted realtor, it may be tempting to train exactly what works best for you, but a one-size fits all policy won't work for everyone. Here is how to give great realtor coaching to the introverted realtor. 

Don't Try to Change Personality Types

While a person who naturally feels most comfortable as the life of the party can make a great realtor, as you well know, it takes a lot more than that to find success. In training an introverted realtor, it's important to help them embrace their specific strengths when it comes to real estate, rather than try to change them into something that they are not. For introverts and extroverts alike, one important trait most successful realtors share is being authentic. It is a quality which clients are drawn to and inspires trust. But the introverted realtor cannot be authentic by pretending to be an extrovert. 

Recognize the Introverts on the Team and Observe

It may not be initially apparent who is an introvert. It's a common misconception that being introverted equates to a person's being shy or anxious. Rather, what it means is that a person gets their energy by looking inwards, rather than feeling energized by being around other people.

Many introverts may try and hide this aspect of themselves, feeling as though it's expected of them to project an extroverted demeanor. Others may not even know they are introverted. Introversion and extroversion occurs on a spectrum, so some people will be more introverted than others. There is even something called an extroverted introvert or an introvert who truly enjoys being social, as well as ambiverts who are both extroverted and introverted. 

As always, when coaching real estate agents, it's important to get to know the particular style of team members. This allows you to create a realtor training program that will empower all the different personality styles. And by learning an introverted realtor's hidden strengths you can become a better leader to all of your team members. 

Know the Introverted Realtor's Strengths

Here's a look at some of the strongest qualities that an introverted realtor will usually bring to the table.

  • Focus: You know how important the ability to focus both on the task at hand and on the big picture is in real estate. And that's great news for introverts who tend to be excellent at focusing intently for long periods of time. The introvert is accustomed to spending time with their thoughts. This makes them excellent problem solvers, who are truly able to engage with all aspects of a situation before coming to a decision. 
  • Thinking Before Speaking: The world of real estate moves fast. But that doesn't mean that there aren't advantages to taking a thoughtful approach. When an agent takes the time to think through a situation before responding, they go a long way towards inspiring confidence.
  • Remaining Objective: While it's always an agent's job to look out for their client's best interest, the ability to remain objective is a huge advantage when it comes to navigating negotiations, and it's a common trait of introverts. Tending towards an analytical and logical mind, the introvert provides the perfect counterpart to what can feel like such an emotional process when buying or selling a home. 
  • Self-Confidence: That introverts look inward means that they are more independent than their extroverted counterparts. It also means that they derive their self-worth from how they view themselves, relying on this more than the need for positive feedback. This is an excellent trait for any independent contractor. Additionally, for many introverts, this translates into strong self-confidence, one of the best characteristics to have in sales. 
  • Excellent Listeners: People often think of sales as being about how well you can talk up what it is you are selling. But in real estate, one of the most important parts of the job is listening to the client, so you can help them find what they want. If you do that, the selling happens naturally. Introverts tend to be excellent listeners.
  • Creating Calm: Most introverts tend to prefer a calm environment, and so have become experts in creating one around themselves. This can be great at putting clients at ease.

And Know the Weaknesses, Too

There are also plenty parts of the job that won't come naturally to an introverted realtor. While few agents love cold calling, especially initially, introverts are never going to be fully at ease knocking on stranger's doors are chatting away on the phone with someone they've never met. Networking, which is so often the lifeblood of real estate can also prove a challenge.

With realtor coaching it's a good idea to offer workarounds for some of these more challenging activities. While everyone working in real estate will have to talk to strangers, introverts are likely to feel more comfortable in one-to-one settings and small groups. For these agents you can emphasize the many advantages of personalized client service. It is so often quality over quantity after all. 

With modern technology there are more ways to reach out to potential clients as well as to network than ever before. By using social media or innovative marketing plans, the introverted realtor can achieve a lot while playing to their strengths.

Practicing the challenging parts is also important. By practicing the aspects of the job that are hardest for them, an introverted realtor can minimize their discomfort, and conquer these challenges. 

If you've hesitated to take on clients or team members who are introverts because you think realtor coaching may not benefit them, it's time to rethink that approach. Introverts can make exceptional realtors, and by offering the right training, you can help them to achieve that success. 

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