January 8, 2021

Announcing Shaker Reports

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Team Shaker is excited to announce the release of our latest product enhancement - Reporting

Based on feedback from our clients, we’ve created a standard set of reports that come out of the box with every Shaker account.

What it does

Shaker’s reporting function allows you to keep track of key performance indicators at the agent, team, or brokerage level. Standard reports such as transaction volume, commissions, and deals by source allow you to see at a glance, what agents and channels are performing best and anticipated revenue for the month or quarter based on your transaction pipeline.

In addition to standard reports, you can export your transaction data to build custom reports of your own or import data into other systems such as Quickbooks or Brokermint.

How it works

Standard reports are automatically included with all accounts and can be found under the “reports” menu. In order for reports to be populated with data, you must fill in the following fields during the transaction.

  • The agent who owns the transaction
  • The commission rate agreed upon
  • Target close date and/or closed date

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