July 28, 2022

Benefits of Branded Real Estate Apps

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

As a real estate team leader or agent, you are the brand for your business. As such, you need to ensure your team represents your brand consistently. That’s the only way you can provide great experiences and drive more referrals to the entire team. In fact, the need for effective branding resonates in every industry, with 83% of consumers saying how the brand treats them is as important as how products and services solve their needs.

Your real estate brand is how you make personal connections with your clients. If it doesn’t allow you to make your brand a central focal point, you lose the opportunity to create lasting connections with your customer base. Therefore, branded real estate apps provide a better customer experience through improved engagement. They also give you the opportunity to advertise your brand and create client loyalty with a convenient mobile platform.

What Are Branded Real Estate Apps?

Self-branded real estate apps allow you to offer your clients content and information only available through your firm or brokerage. A branded app doesn’t promote the creator or provider of the app or offer information for other companies. Branded CRM apps for real estate, for example, give you more control over your visual representation and help you put your best foot forward with clients.

Using a branded app allows you to streamline your communications with your clients while improving brand awareness and integrity. This type of app allows you to personalize user experience with clients and enhance their interaction with your brand, leading to return and repeat clientele. 

Shaker, for example, provides a customizable branded client portal that allows you to communicate with your clientele while keeping your brand at the forefront.

Benefits of Using Branded Real Estate Apps

Branded real estate apps allow for customized interaction with your current and potential clients. You can use this technology as part of your strategy to become more competitive.

Using this kind of technology, you can provide services to your clients such as:

Better Customer Experience

Clients are as busy as you are. When they are trying to buy a new property, they do so while continuing to work, take care of their families, and manage relationships. They don’t want to have to comb through substantial amounts of information or waste precious time looking at homes or properties that don’t apply to their wants and needs.

Branded apps allow a level of personalized communication that benefits both you and your clients. By setting the desired criteria, you can further whittle down the number of messages your clients receive. You can also automate critical information collection and delivery during the purchasing process. Further, you can personalize and send thank yous when you complete sales and purchases.

These apps can also make otherwise difficult or cumbersome tasks involved in real estate transactions easier to complete for clients. You can send each task separately so as to not overwhelm a client with multiple steps at once. When clients can simply complete a task with a touch of a button on their smartphones, they can get information back to you in a timely fashion.

Improved Brand Recognition and Loyalty

When you help clients find the properties they want and navigate them seamlessly through the buying or selling process, they will seek you out when they need an agent again. Chances are this will also lead to referrals to friends and family members in need of real estate expertise.

Over 94% of consumers report that they believe word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family over any other advertisement. As a result, it is vital that you have the best apps for real estate agents, so choose one that allows you to shine a light on what your agency offers and what makes your agency better than all the rest.

Mobile Convenience for Communication

As an agent, how many times have you had to hunt clients down to get them to sign important documentation? How many times have customers taken too long or complained about having to come into your establishment or meet you somewhere to sign those documents? The automated process of other elements of communication needed for real estate transactions also provides for timely and effective communications such as:

  • eSigning and eSignature: These features will alleviate the need for in-person signatures and helps expedite the process for both you and your clients.
  • Automated emails: You can send emails to clients who are looking for a certain type of property when it becomes available.
  • Appointment scheduler: Third-party apps like Calendly can be implemented within your branded app to allow you to show a real-time calendar and automatically send the invite to your client when they book an appointment without you having to do anything. This allows you, as an agent, to build your brand reliability because you have instant scheduling, and you don’t have to worry about missed appointments because you did not get a message or forgot to schedule it in your calendar.

Improved User Engagement

CRM apps for real estate allow you to create end-to-end transactions for your clients. CRM allows you, as an agent, to:

  • Communicate and engage with your clients immediately and in a personalized way.
  • Send personalized emails and messages to your clients.
  • Take inventory of how many times you have communicated with your client from start to finish to know more about how much or little communication they require.

There are many examples of how to put bespoke technology to work for your real estate team. Your self-branded real estate app can offer clients 3D views of houses on the market or 3D tours. This will help the client see if they want to schedule an in-person visit. Even people who are just viewing your app can take a tour and quickly become interested in the houses you are featuring.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Branded Real Estate Apps

The best real estate apps are ones that truly allow you to maintain and advertise your branding to your current and future clients. Branded real estate apps make communications easy and simple while allowing for seamless, end-to-end transactions for you and your clients. They allow you to promote who you are and what makes your agency the one to choose. Shaker offers tools to help you create a branded real estate app that saves you time with automation that is aligned with you and your business goals.

Contact Shaker today to get a free demo on how our branded apps make your real estate business rise to the top.

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