March 16, 2021

5 Best Alternatives to ShowingTime for real estate

Chris Lucas
Chris Lucas

Agents are ditching Zillow products as fast as they can and ShowingTime appears to be next

The big buzz in the past week if you are in the real estate industry was the news that Zillow purchased the popular showing appointment company, ShowingTime. Since the news broke real estate agents, teams, and brokers have been trying to figure out what that means for the future of the company, and more specifically, for the industry as a whole. 

No one can deny, agents continue to feel a certain uneasiness the more and more Zillow continues to advance on their turf. Given the growing animosity among agents toward Zillow, it’s no surprise that countless requests have been posted on Reddit and in Facebook groups asking for alternative solutions to ShowtingTime’s service.

In response to challenges in the industry, Zillow’s chief industry development officer Errol Samuelson told Inman News: “We can apply technology to help fix those, not just for our partners and our Premier Agent customers, but for the industry in general.” 

While statements from Zillow post-acquisition have meant to calm the waters, the reality is that the industry, especially as it confronts a larger iBuyer competitor is looking for alternatives to Zillow products like Dotloop and ShowingTime. Since we here at Shaker are all about empowering teams, agents, and brokerages and saving you time, we decided to research and share our findings on the best alternatives to ShowingTime. 

1. Instashowing

Pricing: Free - $25/Month

Website: https://instashowing.com/

Instashowing brings a certain simplicity to the process of showing homes. They have a very straightforward offering and messaging. I’m sure there are some unseen powers, but what Instashowing gets right is cutting away the fluff and making it super easy for agents to set up appointments and bring order to the chaos. 

Some more in-depth features include:

  • The buyer’s agent can create showings with just an email
  • Ability to block out times the home is not available for showings
  • Can email approvals to client and agent
  • Send email reminders to buyers agent and client every day there is a showing 
  • Ability to work with MLS and Brokers

2. TourZazz

Pricing - Contact to learn more

Website: https://www.tourzazz.ai

If InstaShowing is the no-nonsense version of showing software, TourZazz, as one might take away from their name, is looking to spice things...or dare we say Zazz things up a bit. 

TourZazz brings some automated learning into their slick interface with an AI engine that looks to empower agents around all things showings. What is unique is the ability of the software to schedule, map, and coordinate the most efficient tour. 

Some more features include:

  • Scheduling and showing planning
  • Plan and coordinate best routes for showings
  • Adjust showing times, lengths of showings, and even adjust the time needed at a showing on the fly
  • A convenient hub for all communication

3. Touchbase

Pricing: Contact for pricing 

Website: https://www.touchbaserealestate.com

Touchbase, which is part of Touchbase Real Estate is part of a broader communication platform for agents and brokers. The Touchbase showing app is consistent with its peers in that it is clean and looks to remove a lot of the complications from the process. Touchbase has both iPhone and Android apps and is available on their respective app stores.

Features include:

  • Listing notes and instructions
  • Auto-confirm or block certain times
  • Integrations with your calendar
  • Export reports & feedback
  • Ability to allow the seller to confirm & receive feedback via SMS or email

4. About Time Tours

Pricing $14.99/Mo * Has a 30-day Free Trial

Website: https://abouttimetours.com/

About Time Tours is pretty much the soup to nuts platform for showings. Not only do they do the basics like coordinating tours and providing feedback they have some pretty cool features that round out the overall software. Some of those features include the ability to take photos right from the app with the ability to share them securely, you can also take notes and it stores everything in one place so you can access them anytime, reminding you about the houses you saw. 


  • MLS integration allows you to browse for homes using property addresses, MLS numbers, or local maps.
  • Once homes are selected you can send notifications right from the app
  • Add a tour to your calendar
  • Completed home tour itinerary is automatically sent to the buyer

5. Calendly

Pricing 0 - $12/mo 

Website: https://calendly.com/

Calendly is most often thought about as one of the most popular personal scheduling apps, usually reserved for salespeople or others on the go...sound familiar? This super-simple calendar tool hides a lot of functionality in its simple interface. The beauty of Calendly is how easy it is to get started and setup. While it doesn't have a lot of the bells and whistles that some of the other softwares have, if you are looking for a quick escape from ShowingTime without the hassle of “learning” new software, this option is for you. 

Features include:

  • Integrate with your calendar
  • Embed on your website
  • SMS notifications (Pro)
  • Zapier integrations
  • Block out times for availability

Whether you stick it out or search for a replacement for ShowingTime, there are some really cool yet easy-to-use options out there. Just like all real estate technology, you will see some of these tools mature and really add to the showing experience, both for the agents and clients.

Looking for ways to increase and streamline your business with technology beyond showings? Check out our article on the best productivity tools for realtors.

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