April 25, 2022

New at Shaker April 2022

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

We know from talking to out customers that ease use and saving time are key reasons to use Shaker. With our latest release we’re adding several new enhancements that make daily use of Shaker even more intuitive.

Follow along to learn about each new feature we’ve added.

Create new contacts when adding a deal.

Previously, you could only create deals with existing contacts, which required extra steps before a deal could be created. Now, you can add new contacts that aren’t yet in Shaker directly from the deal form.

Change a deal type

It's not uncommon for a deal to start out as a simple buyer, but need to be moved to new construction, or perhaps you just selected listing instead of buyer by accident. Instead of deleting and creating an entirely new deal, you can now simply change the deal type and preserve any info you’ve already entered. You can find and use this time saving trick under the “more actions” button on a deal page.

When “Change Deal Type” is pressed, a modal will allow for a new deal type and stage to be selected:

Smart detection of fields needed to run stage automations

Have you ever forgotten to add a role to a file or to fill in a date that’s critical in an automated email in Shaker? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Good news! There’s no need to worry about this anymore. 

With this release we will now detect the fields that need to be filled out, by looking at the stage automations including:

  • Placeholder values used in email templates
  • Fields being used as task due dates
  • Fields being used to delay emails and SMS messages
  • Team members or vendors who will be assigned tasks or copied on emails

Any fields that we detect “in use” for a stage automation will automatically be included in the form that appears on stage change.

Mobile bug fixes:

Along with all of the new features we also made some bug fixes that were impacting iOs users on certain devices. The latest version of the shaker Agent app addressed the following issues:

  • Message notification settings not firing on some iPhones
  • Timeline dates off in some time zones

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