May 3, 2022

Strategies to be More Competitive as a Real Estate Agent

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

The current landscape requires creative solutions for success. With fewer homes available and both inflation and interest rates rising, customers demand more than ever from their agents. If you want to learn how to be more competitive as a real estate agent, it all starts with the right transaction software that allows you to escape the bog of text and emails that can swamp your time and keep you from important tasks.

Why It's Important To Be Competitive

In the digital age, you aren’t just competing with other traditional real estate agents. Now, you have to prove your value against automated software and flat-fee brokers that require no commitment from clients. This article contains tips to help you grow your customer base and prove an experienced real estate agent has more to offer than the computer algorithms used by ibuyers. Flat-fee brokers offer clients a way out when things go south, but that’s not the right way to do business.

Constant communication, hard work and market expertise go a long way in winning the trust of buyers and sellers with proven results. However, having the right software to communicate with clients and handle transactions gives you the upper hand over the competition. So, let’s look at tips and tools that can help you develop trust and get results in your business.

Tips For Being More Competitive

Improving your customer experience, embracing digital tools and using integrated technology can give you the edge you need in the current real estate environment. Here are a few tips to help you hone that edge and reach your sales targets!

Improve your customer experience with personalized communication.

If you want to increase customer satisfaction, attract first-time buyers, and get more referrals, you need excellent customer communication. That includes staying in touch with customized messages before, during and after appointments and transactions.

As they complete the most significant commitments of a lifetime, your customers want your full commitment. Proactively reach out and provide updates, preferably before your clients have to ask. Every time you do this, your customer service rating goes up in your client’s mind.

Embracing digital channels for millennial first time home buyers.

Millennials and Generation Z buyers want a modern experience. So, reaching clients and potential clients on social media, email and mobile devices has become a critical factor in real estate.

As for the shopping experience, millennials use digital tools to view listings, pour over photos and property histories, and attend virtual showings. Savvy real estate agents must meet these clients where they live, and that’s online.

Use end-to-end technology that integrates with crucial real estate tools.

Systems that integrate with each other help real estate agents ensure that messages, transactions and opportunities don’t fall through the cracks. Although there is a slew of tools designed to help customers find and procure their dream properties, an integrated solution can make the process go more smoothly.

These tools include:

  • Virtual and augmented reality apps allow buyers to navigate properties virtually. That includes understanding room dimensions and the surrounding neighborhood.
  • CRM systems manage workflows and help you track leads and conversions. These systems have fundamentally changed the way the industry works.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices include smart sensors and smart locks that facilitate showings and security.

Here’s the challenge. You need a tool that combines all this functionality in a single platform. If you would like to escape the confusion and contradiction of multiple touchpoints for messages and transactions, Shaker can help.

How Shaker Helps You Be More Competitive

Whether you need modern project and transaction management or help managing individual tasks and notes, Shaker software provides innovative solutions in a single platform. Collaborate on real estate deals with other team members and store essential documents and records to maintain compliance with our tools for agents and brokers.

You can download your contacts and send contracts within Shaker software. Here are other ways that Shaker can make you more competitive as a real estate agent:

  • Improve relationship management
  • Securely store your contact database
  • Apply tags and group contacts
  • Automate “stay in touch” and other message functions
  • Send automated anniversary and birthday emails
  • Export contacts for mailing lists

Through a branded client portal, you can reach out to clients to guide them through various steps of a real estate sale or purchase. It’s also easy to delegate tasks, such as ordering inspections and collecting documents for the closing.

You can even recommend vendors before or after the transaction. Of course, you can share contracts and other documents seamlessly with the software too.

Let Us Show You How To Be More Competitive as a Real Estate Agent

Grow your business with Shaker tools for agents, brokers and teams. Shaker provides customized solutions that allow you to wow your clients with your response rate and organization.

Contact us today for a free demo!

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