March 16, 2021

Get to know and follow women who are dominating real estate coaching

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Updated 8/1/2023

Many successful realtors credit coaching for giving them an edge and helping them reach their full potential. Whether you are in the market for a coach or just a person who loves to learn, there's a lot to gain from understanding the industry and the different ways in which coaches approach an individuals' development toward success.

If you’ve been considering enlisting a coach to help your growth, and think you may have better chemistry with a woman, check out this list of the top female real estate coaching professionals.

Even if you aren’t in the market for a coach, many of these women are creating amazing free content and are worth following for consistent boost of inspiration and motivation.

Here are the female coaches everyones buzzing about

(Note: these are in no particular order)

Jan Copeland

About Jan

Jan is a successful sales and marketing executive turned real estate agent, turned coach.  She focuses solely on coaching women. Her coaching style is focused on helping you build and brand a business that’s uniquely you, balancing work and personal life and by uncovering what’s blocking you from being your best.  She offers 1:1 coaching, group coaching and virtual courses.

What her clients say:

“Immediately things became clear. I nailed my brand, (which feels great because it’s 100% me) and from there, was able to identify and target my perfect client which gave me the clarity I needed to blow my goals away! Jan truly cares about my success and I’m so thankful I chose her as my coach. Thanks, Jan!" - Karin Morabito - Rochester, NY

Candy Miles Crocker

Candy Miles Crocker Real Life Real Estate Training

About Candy

Candy’s training courses focus on, you guessed it, “Real Life” real estate training. As an active real estate agent, Candy boasts teaching not only what to do, but how you do it.  With seven essential real estate classes, 75+ templates and numerous case studies, her courses are focused on specific aspects of real estate such as The Art of Negotiation, The Listing Presentation and even Your First 30 Days as a Realtor.  Courses can be purchased individually based on your areas of interest and there are even a few free courses available.

What her clients say:

"What I like best about the Real-Life Real Estate Training program is that it's very flexible. It’s not like other books and seminars that give you vague ideas on how to be successful. The program gives you specific suggestions as to what you can do immediately to become a successful real estate agent."

Jennifer Percival

About Jennifer

Jennifer is a realtor and a Certified Master NeuroCoach™. She also has a Psychology degree and owned a boutique real estate brokerage for 5 years. When you land on Jennifer’s website she clearly states what she does immediately: “I Help Women In Real Estate Build A Thriving, Predictable Business…Without Using Old-School Tactics.”  Her ATTRACT™ method aims to help women scale a relationship based real estate business by attracting clients to you, rather than aggressively pursuing them.  She offers both monthly subscriptions and a-la-carte coaching calls.

What her clients say:

“Jenn has been a phenomenal mentor and coach to me over the past number of years. Her passion in supporting women in business is second to none. She continuously challenges and pushes me. Her honesty and integrity is inspirational. Her knowledge of marketing is exceptional. 5 starts all round!” - Leah Monerawela, Realtor

Lee Davenport

About Lee

Lee offers a variety of coaching offerings ranging from on-demand classes to 1:1 virtual or in person sessions.  She’s also authored two books including “Profit with Your Personality” and “Plan to Win”. Lee is a self-proclaimed “geeky girl”, who loves technology and has made it her quest to help real estate professionals learn the ropes of being in business for yourself but NOT by yourself.  She believes that the winning equation is Your Personality + The Right Technology + Consistent Action = Leads

What her clients say:

“ I won Rookie of the Year and Volunteer of the year because [Lee} inspired me.” Michael S.

Julie Harris

About Julie

Julie Harris is ½ of Tim & Julie Harris real estate coaching. Since 1998 Julie has helped thousands of agents find real estate success with their best-in-class coaching program. She co-authored two best selling books with her husband Tim including "Harris Rules," and “0 to 10 Million in One Year.”  While their business has grown to include many Harris Certified coaches, they still offer Daily semi-private sessions with Julie herself.

They’ve developed their coaching programs to provide comprehensive education on a wide variety of “spokes in the wheel” of your real estate business. With their method, each individual creates a unique action plan based on their own goals, strengths, and local market conditions.

What her clients say:

“I have had MANY real estate coaches and Julie is hands down the BEST. She is relevant, knowledgeable and empathetic but also no nonsense. If you are looking for accountability, expertise, and guidance to improve your business, there is no one else that I recommend." - Brenda Rodgers Stone,  Reality Realtors

Bernice Ross

Bernice Ross Real Estate Coach

About Bernice

Bernice is the co-owner of RealEstateCoach.com, and has been delivering real estate training, consulting, and coaching services since the company was founded in 1997. She is also a Nationally syndicated columnist, author, and speaker, Bernice couples her expertise as a Master Certified Coach with over 20 years of real estate sales experience and her agent sales training programs have been adopted by the Alabama, California, Scottsdale, and Texas Association of REALTORS® plus many of the major national real estate brands.  Bernice offers both on demand training courses and 1:1 coaching.  

What her client’s say:

“I could just kick myself for not signing up for [her] coaching program a year or two ago, when I was first considering it. But I’m on board now and moving forward. I appreciate her time and attention so much. She clarified things for me that were nagging me to no end. It is such an honor to speak with the lady who wrote the books.” - Pam

Andi Cummings

Andi Cummings Platinum Coaching Group

About Andi

Andi Cummings is a national coach and speaker with over 25 years working with top sales teams and entrepreneurs to help them grow their business. She has coached 1000’s of top performers and has a passion for helping others achieve their full potential.  Services range from individual & team coaching to leadership and life coaching.

What her clients say:

“She's compassionate, understanding, and genuine. My new Broker brought in this Lead Generation Coach; I was terrified at first.  She has years of experience training top producing agents! What I saw immediately was that she is so compassionate and understanding towards her students.  She always spins a positive in anything you do.  You can be yourself and not feel uncomfortable or intimidated by all of her success. She is genuine, and even though she’s at the top of her game, she makes you feel like you are on even ground.”  - Patrick Bedley, Realtor

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