October 4, 2022

Shaker Release Announcement: SkySlope has arrived!

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Team Shaker is excited to announce the release of our latest integration with SkySope furthering Shaker as the premier team management solution for real estate.

The SkySlope integration will help agents, brokers and teams who use both SkySlope and Shaker further streamline their transaction process while maintaining brokerage compliance.

Shaker clients can now quickly sync contacts, file data, vendor information and documents from SkySlope, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

Shaker’s integration with SkySlope gives real estate brokers and agents the fastest way to put a deal together right from from your every day workspace - Shaker!

Key Benefits:

  • Lookup listings and transactions in SkySlope within Shaker and import to create Shaker deals.
  • Sync SkySlope data such as dates, buyer and seller information, vendors and purchase amounts into Shaker or send Shaker updates to SkySlope
  • Sync documents uploaded to Shaker to SkySlope to maintain compliance.

Visit our support center for a full overview of features and functions.

Shaker Advanced Plan

The SkySlope integration is available on our Shaker Advanced Plan. View all features here and Contact Support to learn more about accessing advanced features.

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