April 28, 2021

Shaker + realtor.com integration

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh


Shaker now integrates with realtor.com to sync new incoming leads, allowing you to convert more prospects into clients with less hassle.

About the integration

Many buyers and sellers use realtor.com to search for homes that are available for sale in their local market. Once they find a home they’d like to see, they can ‘Contact the Agent’ or ‘Request a Private Showing' and Realtor.com will route this contact information to one of their partner agents via email.

With the Shaker and realtor.com integration, you can send your realtor.com leads and the associated information directly to Shaker, enabling you to take quick action on your leads and eliminating repetitive data entry.

How it works:

1. Setup the integration between your realtor.com and Shaker accounts by following these instructions.

2. New leads from realtor.com will be added to your shaker account as new contacts with the following contact information:

     a. Name

     b. Email

     c. Phone

     d. Associated Property Details

     e. Notes/Message from the lead

     f. These contacts will be tagged as “New Prospect” within Shaker

     g. Using Shaker Workflows, agents can enroll leads with the tag “New Prospect” into sales follow up campaigns to optimize conversion.

Happy Prospecting!

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