January 1, 2021

New Hire Spotlight - Meet Joseph

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Welcome Joseph Tatum

Name: Joseph Tatum
Role: Front End Developer

Prior to joining Shaker, what were you doing? Prior to Shaker I was a freelance developer working with a few clients on the front end of their apps.

Why did you choose to join Shaker? The opportunity to work on blossoming software that I know is so sorely needed is super exciting. I also knew the folks building Shaker are fantastic as I worked with Chris, Ashley, and Michael at a previous job!

What is your role at Shaker? I’m a front end developer on the dev team. I make sure that when you click that create deal button that things work as they should and it’s nice to look at!

What excites you most about the Shaker platform or the real estate market? As someone who spent nine months as a realtor in the Portland area, I know first hand how much good software is needed in this industry. Tech tools for realtors are mostly clunky and systems are extremely out of date. I’m happy to be part of a team working to change that 🥳.

What do you do in your free time? These days it’s a lot of Animal Crossing (COVID). But I also enjoy cooking with my partner, long walks, and (someday) traveling!

What other passions do you have? I love everything about baked goods and am on a lifelong quest to find the best cookie on planet Earth. I’m also an urban planning nerd and enjoy following along with infrastructure developments in Portland 🏗 🚋.

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