June 1, 2022

Announcing Document Checklists

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Shaker users can now track and manage real estate documents with added checklist functionality. This new feature makes it easier to track documents, separately from tasks and helps to ensure a complete file at closing.

How it Works

Shaker Admins can create document checklist templates for each deal type under the settings menu which include the necessary documents for a transaction file.

When a new deal is created, the checklist for that deal type will automatically apply to the deal, showing you a list of documents you need in gray. As you upload the required documents, files will change to green when satisfied.

For users who utilize the Docusign integration, synched files can be dragged and dropped from the documents folder into their correct place.

Deals with a document checklist applied will also show a progress bar on each card of the deals overview page indicating the number of documents that have been collected.

Get started today by customizing your own document checklists.

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