December 7, 2020

Introducing Workflows by Shaker

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Team Shaker is excited to announce the release of our marketing nurture tool - Workflows.

Real estate marketing is all about generating referrals and Shaker’s new Workflows tool is designed to help you with just that. Workflows is a powerful new tool in Shaker that makes nurturing your sphere, and automating your marketing incredibly easy.

‍What it does

Workflows allows you to target groups of contacts with customized marketing campaigns. Want to send an automated survey email 7 days after closing or create a birthday campaign that sends a birthday email or reminds you to make a call? These things and more are all possible with Workflows.

How it works

It’s easy to set up customized lead nurturing programs with Workflows with three easy steps.

  • Simply select who you want to enroll (such as past buyers, sellers or other custom groups)
  • Then, start adding your steps. Workflow steps can be automated emails or task reminders for 1:1 activities like sending a text or making a phone call.
  • Schedule your steps with time based triggers and delays. Timing is everything.  Schedule workflow steps to occur on a certain date such as a birthday or anniversary or create a personal outreach program that keeps you top of mind all year long.

Workflows is much more than just an email tool - it can help you automate any common process in an efficient and scalable way.

See it in action

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