September 12, 2022

6 Awesome Apps for Real Estate Agents

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

There never seems to be enough time in the day when you work as a real estate agent. Between meetings and showings, open houses and closings, cold calls and everything in between—your days fly by. 

And of course, as you grow your career and bring in new clients, time will only become more scarce. That is, unless you have the right tools and resources to free up your valuable time and maximize your efficiency. Fortunately, there is no shortage of software and apps designed to improve your organization, streamline your communication, and help you do more in less time. 

Not sure where to begin? We're covering the best apps for real estate agents below to help you get started.

Why do real estate agents need apps?

If you've made it this far in your career without turning to apps to help with your communication and other day-to-day tasks, why change things up now? The reality is that as your career takes off and you begin taking on more clients, the quality of your work can suffer if you're being bogged down with emails to respond to, phone calls to return, documents to scan, and calculations to...well, calculate.

By utilizing the software and tools that are available to you, you can automate a lot of the tedious and administrative tasks that take up so much of your valuable time. And, of course, that's time you can free up to focus on growing your business and reputation. This may be the difference between doing the bare minimum for a client and having that little extra time to go above and beyond.

Likewise, when you're spending less time on administrative tasks, you can confidently take on more clients without sacrificing the quality of your work. This, in turn, maximizes your earnings potential. What's not to love about that?

Apps for Real Estate Agents: Our Top Picks

No matter what you're looking for help with, there's likely a solution available. From CRMs and transaction management to bookkeeping and comparative market analysis (CMAs), we've got some recommendations for you to explore.

For Mortgage Calculations: Zillow Mortgage

Have you ever had a client ask you what their mortgage payment would be in the middle of a showing? This is a complicated situation because mortgage payments depend on a number of factors, including down payments and the type of loan taken out. 

Rather than trying to do the math yourself, Zillow Mortgage handles a lot of the calculations for you. All you have to do is plug in a few parameters, including the cost of the house, down payment, and interest rate. From there, you can get an instant monthly payment estimation that you can pass onto your clients to help them make better informed decisions.

For Bookkeeping: Quickbooks

Bookkeeping is far from the best part of any real estate agent's job. However, it is important to get your bookkeeping and accounting right; otherwise, you could end up in the red. 

Fortunately, Quickbooks makes it easier for you to track your expenses and transactions with not only a web app, but a convenient phone app that you can use on-the-go. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices—and subscriptions start at about $20 per month. 

Quickbooks also offers detailed reporting and other insights to help you take control of your business finances.

For Document Scanning: TurboScan

It's no secret that real estate agents handle a lot of paper documents as part of any deal. 

However, taking the time to scan documents and upload them from your office can be a hassle. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to scan and upload documents seamlessly from the convenience of your smartphone?

With TurboScan, you can do just that. This easy-to-use app allows you to simply take a picture of a document and convert it to a PDF file that can be easily edited and even signed. This comes in handy in the field when you don't have access to a scanner. In fact, you might never even want to use the scanner at your office again!

For eSignatures: DocuSign

In addition to being able to scan documents from your phone, having a means of signing documents digitally is a must in today's busy world. 

DocuSign is a reputable and trusted solution for uploading documents and collecting signatures from your phone or any other device. DocuSign also includes other features to make real estate agents' jobs easier, such as the ability to void documents and set reminders for signatures directly in the app.

For Quick CMAs: Realtors Property Resource (RPR)

When you don't have the time to carry out a full CMA in the field but want to give your client an estimate of how much their home may be worth, Realtors Property Resource (RPR) is an excellent app for doing just that. It also couldn't be easier to use. 

Once you have a quick CMA for your client, you can decide together whether a full CMA is worth the time and effort.

For Team Transaction Management: Shaker

The idea behind Shaker is that it's designed to improve your real estate transactions and your customer relationships while saving you precious hours each week. 

With features that make it easier to communicate with clients from pre-listing to close, as well as smart automations to save you time, Shaker is designed with the busy real estate agent in mind. 

You even have the option to automate repetitive emails and text messages so you can spend less time responding to messages and more time growing your brand.

Time to Streamline Your Tasks

These are just a few of our selections for the best real estate apps on the market today. If you're looking for ways to save time while improving productivity, these tools are at your disposal. 

Interested in learning more about a CMR and transaction management platform that's designed with you in mind? Contact Shaker to request your free demo today!

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