August 17, 2020

7 habits of highly effective real estate agents

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Ben Franklin said, “Human felicity is produced not as much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen as by little advantages that occur every day.

What are these little advantages that Ben was referring to? They are the daily habits and lifestyle choices we make from our sleep to our health, to the systems we use to approach work.

Many successful entrepreneurs attribute developing good habits as one of their key ingredients for success and top real estate agents are no exception. Real estate is arguably one of the most entrepreneurial careers a person can have because it’s up to you, and only you to deliver results that achieve success.  Whether you’re a lone wolf or a member of a team, the way you approach work each week and each day is important.

We asked top agents, “What daily, weekly, or monthly habits you believe contribute to your success?.  Here’s what they said...

Laura Turner

Broker/Owner at Laura Turner Realty Group

"I’m very scheduled. While each day of the week brings something new, I have a schedule going into each day and know my pockets of time where I can fit in a showing or a listing appointment. Activity breeds activity. Always be consistent with a regimented schedule that keeps you as such. "


Gabriel Amedee

Broker, Real Estate Instructor at Strike Realty

"I am always preaching about habits and routines to my team and I think there are many that contribute to our success but there are two specific weekly habits that really keep me motivated. The first weekly habit is on Thursday’s when I have one-on-one coaching with each team member. Many Real Estate coaching programs add value by providing Knowledge, Motivation, and Accountability. These one on one sessions cover all three thus allowing each team member to excel at a higher rate without paying serious coaching fees! The reason I love this routine is after spending all day talking about everyone’s goals, I really get fired up about my own."

The second weekly habit is on Sunday’s and I call them my Hercules Day. In summary, I run 10+ miles, complete a full-body workout, reflect on the past week, and plan out the next week before reading a book relevant to my current objective. When I wake up from an additionally lengthy sleep on Monday, I physically & mentally feel unstoppable (with my goals) and I believe that Sunday contributes to the momentum carried on throughout the week.


Jeffrey Packer

Team Leader at The Packer Group

"First, I keep a very protected schedule. After 15 years in the business, I have learned how much my mental limits can take each day so I guard myself against being overbooked and overworked. This has made me more productive and a better leader.

Also, I try to focus on growth. How can I grow when I fail? Focusing on the growth versus failure has allowed me to always move the needle forward."‍


Matt Laricy

The Matt Laricy Group

"I think routine is probably the biggest thing you can have. In real estate it’s really easy to get off your routine because it’s never a nine to five - every day is different.  It’s easy to decide to sleep an extra few hours if you don’t have appointments. For us, everyday there are different tasks that we have to do.

We have daily tasks, weekly tasks and monthly tasks.

  • Every day, no matter what, I set aside time to prospect meaning I follow up with old leads, current leads and past leads.  
  • Every week I update my current clients - about what's going on with their property, the market, what to anticipate, etc. One day is buyers, and one day is sellers.
  • Every month I update all my clients' past present and future with newsletters. We put a lot of effort into creating our newsletter which includes 2 podcasts, a VLOG and articles with updates on the market.

I think if you stick to your routine of doing things daily, weekly and monthly it’s what’s going to set you apart from your competition."


Adam Olsen

Broker/Owner at The Adam Olsen Team

"Running multiple social media ads daily and not leaving the office until my workday is done  - even if that means staying until 9 or 10 pm. "


Loree Myers

Realtor Partner at Keller Williams Realty/Evelo Team

"My daily schedule includes a morning time block for communicating with current clients, past clients, and lead generating with prospective clients. Staying in touch with my clients and devoting time to developing relationships with potential clients has positively impacted my business growth this year. In a time when we are all limited on our face to face interactions, just making calls to check in have been profoundly positive. People need and want to still interact, but we must now find other ways to connect."


Ben Wahli

Partner/Broker at Maddox Wahli Team - North Eastern Group Realty

"Stay very organized, provide transparency at all times, pay attention to client needs, not the amount of the paycheck, surround yourself with positive people."


Now what?

No matter your approach, what's most important in your journey to developing good habits is building a plan that you can stick with. Habits are much like diet and exercise. Start with small changes and work your way up to a cadence that works for you.

We’ll leave you with one last kick in the pants from one of the great experts on wealth.

“Work is doing it. Discipline is doing it every day. Diligence is doing it well every day.”
-Dave Ramsey

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