June 10, 2022

How to Warm Up Your Real Estate Leads

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

As a real estate agent in a competitive industry, it is vital to your success to learn how to warm up real estate leads. For real estate agents that want to stay on top of their game, it’s important that you learn how to generate quality leads in a timely manner. 

Yet, leads can be expensive. In fact, leads can cost an average of $40 per lead – and sometimes the quality is uncertain. Many real estate teams have some kind of process in place for generating real estate leads, but it’s often difficult to close new business off cold leads. Understanding the value of nurturing leads over time can help your brokerage, team, or individual practice thrive.

Here are some tactics to use to warm up your leads and generate more closed business. 

Educate leads with your blog

A blog is not only good for website rankings, but to also be a place where you showcase your value to potential clients. That means providing valuable information that can help them navigate the complex and often frustrating process of buying or selling a home.

Even more, maintaining a blog is a good way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, building trust in potential clients. Use a keyword research tool to discover what questions your audience is asking, and optimize your blogs to SEO to ensure that you get found. 

Publish thoughtful content on a consistent cadence  

Host events that are fun and informative

Of course, one common way to nurture your leads is to host events that educate them and also show them a good time. These can be open houses, 5ks for local charities, or co-sponsor events hosted by others. However, while this increases brand awareness, it doesn’t necessarily educate your prospective client any further or bring them significantly closer to working with you. 

Instead, try hosting webinars or informative workshops that answer their direct pains and address pains they didn’t even know they had. By showcasing the breath of your experience and teaching them something important, you let them know that they can trust you, and that you are capable of solving their hardest problems. 

Build relationships > hard selling

It can be off-putting to use sales tactics that are too aggressive, especially for new leads. For some agents, that’s a brass tactic that can have powerful results if they wield their power with charm. For others, it winds us turning off the potential from working with you. 

Instead, to warm up your leads, opt to build relationships with leads by helping them achieve their goals - whatever that may be. For example, when a prospect in the pipeline has changed jobs, had a birthday, or made some other big life change, it might be a great idea to reach out and offer support in any way you can. That way, the client gets the distinct feeling that you care about their needs more than the sale. 

This goes a long way in establishing your trustworthiness and dependability, putting you top of mind when they decide to make the leap.

Automate communication and drip campaigns

Sometimes, agents generate leads, but then have a hard time tracking outreach and communication. You’re not sure how many times they’ve been reached out to and you struggle to track their open rates or aggregate their responses. How can you know where you stand with a prospective client if you can’t track communication?

Drip campaigns are a great way to automate outreach to and comms with clients. Email campaigns help deliver value straight to their inbox. It’s also a good way to educate them on your services, which warms them up and moves them down your pipeline. Personalization goes a long way in helping agents stand out, so make sure you segment your prospects accurately so you can serve them up emails that they find valuable. 

Keeping track of your leads, and following through with solid communication, is essential to getting these leads to a final real estate transaction.


Nurturing your real estate leads can go a long way in helping you close more business. Rather than hoping your cold, freshly generated leads come around in their own time, establish different processes for educating and warming up your leads.

It’s always a good idea to put your expertise on display, so your audience can know who to trust to provide their solution when needed. Blogs and webinars can help you become a leader in the industry, and social media can play a role in increasing your visibility. You can also take advantage of email drip campaigns to send your prospect down a predefined path that will prepare them for purchase. Check out some useful email templates here

And learn more about how Shaker’s end-to-end transaction management software can help you track leads and automate outreach when you need! Request a demo today!

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