December 29, 2021

3 Steps to Executing a Successful Open House Strategy for Your Listings.

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Open houses can be a great way to get exposure for your listings, but an even better way to meet new prospective buyers who could use your expertise and services. First time homebuyers especially, may passively start searching for homes by popping into weekend open houses in their desired neighborhoods.

By constructing a killer real estate open house strategy, you can be sure you’ll leverage every opportunity you have to grow your client roster.

Here are the key elements needed to execute a successful open house strategy.

Building a rapport 

It’s important to make an effort to speak to everyone who attends your open house when possible while keeping things casual and not coming across as an awkward salesperson, after all, your first task is to build trust, not close a transaction.

Tactic #1: Prepare your conversation starters in advance

If you want to naturally strike up a conversation, come prepared with a few low pressure questions. 

For example, “Welcome, what are you out doing today?” Most open house attendees aren’t going to be serious buyers and by gauging if they are out house hunting or just got curious on their way home from the grocery you can weed out nosey neighbors.

From there you can follow up with, “Well thanks for stopping by, do you live in this area or are you considering moving around here?” and if it seems like it’s worth continuing the conversation you can do some further qualification.

Tactic #3 Ask for feedback

Another way to get a conversation started is to express that you are interested in feedback for the seller. “Thanks for stopping by. You are welcome to show yourself around. Whether you like the home or not, I’d really appreciate you stopping to give me some feedback about what you think of the property on your way out so I can pass it along to my sellers.” 


Capturing leads at your open house 

Every successful open house needs a lead capture strategy. Regardless of whether or not you find the person qualified, it's still a good idea to ask all open house attendees to sign-in and provide their contact information and answer a few qualifying questions. These questions will help you determine what follow up strategy is best for you. Common questions include:

  • Are you actively shopping for a home?
  • Are you currently working with a realtor?
  • Do you have a home to sell?

The easiest and most efficient way to capture sign-ins is with a tablet. There are many apps that are made specifically for open houses but an online form such as a Formstack or Google Form will also work great.

Having a digitized list makes it easier to kick off your follow up campaigns. You’re doing even better if that form goes straight to your CRM to create new contacts.

Tip: If you're hosting a lot of open houses, consider investing in a portable kiosk you can station at the door. It’s an extra professional touch. Ask for feedback

Another way to get a conversation started or get a visitor to chat with you is to 


Following up on open house leads

The last step to hosting a successful open house for your real estate listing is executing on your follow up plan. While it’s the last thing you do, this is something you should have mapped out in advance so you can act quickly. 

For instance, some leads may need active follow up and will need to be pursued more immediately, while others may need to be added to a more passive drip campaign to keep you top of mind for the following spring.

Here are some examples of good messages to send immediately after an open house:

Open House Email Template 1

Subject line: It was great meeting you, (Name)!

Hello (Name)!

It was great meeting you at the open house held at (listing address). Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Selecting a home is a really special but often overwhelming process for most people. 

I’ve been representing the (area name) for almost a decade, and I know the neighborhood like the back of my hand. If there’s something very special you’re looking for, chances are, I can help you find it. Please feel free to give me a call or text me at <agent phone> if you need any help.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

(Your Name)

(Contact details)


Open House Email Template 2

Subject line: (Name), thanks for coming to the open house at (address)!

Hi (Name)!

Since meeting at the open house at <Property address> many amazing new properties have hit the market. I’d love to have a chat with you to understand your needs better so I can get you into homes that may be a better fit.

In this market, it’s important to get into properties quickly before they’re gone.

When’s a good time to grab a coffee or have a call to discuss your wish list?


(Your Name)

(Contact details)

Open House Email Template 3

Subject: Treasure Hunt!

Hi (Name)!

Is finding a new home still a priority for you? At your budget, there are plenty of options, and I’ll be happy to take you through them. Finding the perfect home for a client is my version of a treasure hunt.

I’ve helped over (number) families find a home they can treasure, and I’m committed to helping you find yours if you choose to work with me.

All I need are a few clues about what makes a house a home for you and I’ll get to work!  

Can you fill out this Dream Home Form (insert form link) to help me get started?

Kind regards,

(Your Name)

(Contact information)

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