May 10, 2021

Real Estate Podcasts We Love in 2021

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Wildly popular for commuters, runners, and curious minds in general, there's a podcast among the 85,000 podcasts available today to serve nearly any interest, hobby, investment, or intellectual pursuit. That definitely includes real estate podcast content for real estate agents, who want to maintain an edge in the business. 

As a real estate agent, you probably understand how beneficial industry podcasts are to help you continually grow and thrive in your profession. Since real estate is an ever-evolving market, changing with long-term and short-term trends, it's essential to find and listen to the best real estate podcasts 2021. 

Here are the top real estate podcasts to listen to in 2021 and beyond while traveling to showings or staging homes.

1. The CarrotCast Realtor Podcast 

Name: The CarrotCast Realtor Podcast

Itunes Rating: 4.9 stars, 293 ratings

Average Length: 55 minutes

What listeners like: "Nothing but nuggets! Trevor continues to bring on great guests, from the Real Estate world."

The CarrotCast Realtor Podcast is hosted by Carrot CEO Trevor Mauch who shares his professional journey and insights to help you sharpen your real estate skills and knowledge of a complex industry. Trevor welcomes other industry guests from the top realtor companies in the country to everyday real estate agents to discuss various markets, approaches, and more. Recent 2021 titles include Episode 257, entitled Effortless Essentialism: How Greg McKeown Trains Top Leaders to Get More Done by Trading Chaos for Calm, and February 2021's Episode 246 featuring David Greene of Bigger Pockets discussing How to Double Your Commissions Without Doubling Your Team

Fans of the podcast appreciate its varied topics and include work-life balance topics and strategic plans to help real estate agents thrive in their respective markets. Mauch focuses on various skills such as creating and nurturing a bustling website, designed and managed to attract visitors who become clients, using top website design elements, including strong SEO content that reaches a realtor's local target audience. 

2. The Bigger Pockets Podcast 

Name: Bigger Pockets

Rating: 4.2 stars, 113 ratings

Average Length: 75-90 min.

What listeners like: "Empowering! Real Estate education at my fingertips! Convenient and thorough!"

Not only is David Greene a great podcast guest presenter, but he runs his own popular podcast called Bigger PocketsReleased each Thursday, featuring hosts David Greene and Brandon Turner, the podcast focuses on the everyday issues associated with real estate, investing, and wealth-building for driven professionals trying to take command in a competitive industry. The host pair regularly conduct candid, spontaneous interviews with industry pros all over the country, asking the questions you likely have.

A few of this year's top episodes include Podcast 456, entitled 126 Multi-Family Units on a Military Salary with Erika Sleger in April and February's Podcast 440 entitled How a 25 Year Old Bought $1M of Real Estate in 1 Year with Daniel Iles. 

Regular listeners appreciate the diverse range of topics, along with the associated forums, blog posts, and guides.

3. The Tom Ferry Podcast 

Name: The Tom Ferry Podcast

Itunes Rating: 4.8 stars, 829 ratings

Average Length: 30 min.

What listeners like: "Terrific for new realtors. Great content for someone like me who has been a realtor for just over 60 days. Super knowledgeable, new person friendly, and the content as a business owner/entrepreneur is still accessible."

Highly motivational for listeners, The Tom Ferry Podcast was developed and is produced and hosted by Tom Ferry to help industry colleagues enjoy a more fruitful career with less stress and anxiety. A highly ranked real estate professional and educator, Ferry is also a best-selling author of books entitled Life! By Design and Mindset, Model and Marketing. Ferry is also the CEO of Ferry International, a training and coaching arm of his real estate information empire. Some recent podcasts from Ferry include Talking Health, Covid Fallout & The Importance Of Transitions with Pam Jacobson from March 2021 and 3 Proven Listing Strategies to Model in Your Own Market - And Leapfrog Your Competition! from April 2021.

Ferry appreciates realtors who have little extra time to actively listen to podcasts and keeps his offerings relatively brief at around the 30-minute mark on average. Guests enjoy talking with the highly engaging motivational real estate pro. At the same time, listeners appreciate someone offering some peripheral guidance that includes dealing with issues like managing showings during COVID-19 and developing and nurturing an overall mindset that carries you through various stages of your career and real estate market uncertainties.

4. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

Name: The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

Itunes Rating: 4.6 stars, 589 ratings

Average Length: 55 min.

What listeners like: "Invaluable real estate lessons. These guys are experienced and understand real estate. Anyone interested in the industry can learn a ton by listening to them."

Even without a scheduled guest, you can enjoy a great industry conversation with The Real Estate Guys Radio Show. Using a classic radio format, professional investor Robert Helms and financial strategist Russell Gray talk shop regarding no-hype real estate investing and much more during each episode. They definitely keep things real and realistic for hard-working real estate investors, agents, and anyone else working on learning more about this area. One recent podcast, entitled Clues in the News - Home Prices, Interest Rates and the Fed offered keen insights into today's top real estate market issues. 

Clocking in at about 55-60 minutes per episode, these podcasts appeal to people seeking financial freedom. A great deal of their candid chat and advice is helping real estate professionals find and embrace that freedom.

5. Real Estate Coaching Radio

Name: Real Estate Coaching Radio

Itunes Rating: 4.2 stars, 316 ratings

Average Length: 45 min.

What listeners like: "Priceless information. I am just getting into Real Estate, and this podcast has already steered me clear of dozens of mistakes I probably would have made if I had gone at it blindly and followed the advice of my peers alone!"

Real Estate Coaching Radio is another podcast that features that fun and familiar traditional radio format with frequent episodes. Tim and Julie Harris aim to offer production consistency to keep you company in your real estate industry efforts while offering sound and meaningful advice they've researched and tried themselves. Listed as the number one daily podcast for the realty industry, the production team works hard to develop and deliver ideas and strategies to help you move ahead in this competitive industry. Recently covered topics include Are You Finally Ready to Become a Listing Agent (Part 3) and How to (Dramatically) Increase Your Average Sales Price. Listeners enjoy this podcast to gather daily practical tips to enhance their business practices and move to the next level. 

Try These Podcasts and More to Stay Current in the Dynamic Real Estate Industry

While you are probably already pressed for time, we invite you to make time for one or more of these podcasts as time allows. With new information, you can sharpen your real estate game and take your approach up several notches to stay competitive and get the leading edge in this constantly evolving industry. 

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