July 7, 2022

Tips for Creating Standout Real Estate Drip Campaigns

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

As a real estate agent, you most likely have a packed schedule. Because your schedule is so busy and unpredictable, a common complaint is not having enough time to keep in touch with clients. A real estate drip campaign, a regularly scheduled automated email sequence, allows busy real estate agents like you to consistently stay in contact with potential or current clients. 

These drip campaigns effectively and creatively use the elements of an email such as subject line, body copy, call to action, and signature, to nurture and keep your leads warm and ready to go. Read on to learn how to create effective drip campaigns that stand out from the crowd.

Real Estate Drip Campaigns Do All the Work for You

In a crowded market, you want to have the advantage over the competition by creating credibility as an agent who is on top of things and can provide consistent service to clients. 

Drip campaigns allow you to gain that credibility by generating leads and consistently providing information to the leads to keep them hot and to keep you first and foremost on their minds. 

Even if those generated leads aren’t ready to commit, your drip campaign will keep you in their line of sight for when they are ready to buy or sell. Real estate drip campaigns bring in 80% more sales at a fraction of what ads cost.

How Do Real Estate Drip Campaigns Work?

Real estate drip campaigns can work in a number of ways. Using a real estate marketing tool like Shaker, you can send out email campaigns that are generalized to your entire client list as well as generated leads, or you can send a campaign that is targeted toward certain email addresses, like potential buyers or sellers, past buyers or sellers.

General Drip Campaign

You may want to send out a monthly newsletter to all people in your email. This will give you a way to keep on their radar and provide a consistent form of communication.

Targeted Drip Campaign

Just because a drip campaign is automated doesn’t mean it has to be impersonal. There are pieces of information, such as buyers who are looking for a certain house or area characteristics, that you will want to keep people aware of. A targeted campaign for those buyers can be set up using a tool like Shaker. Now, you don’t have to worry about getting enough time to send out an email one by one to potential buyers. You also don’t have to worry about dropping a lead due to getting lost in the shuffle.

Triggered Drip Campaigns

If you have subscribed to a newsletter or bought an e-book on a subject, you may have received an email on the same topic or from the same vendor you bought the item from. That is an example of a triggered drip campaign. If you have a website and visitors trigger a certain area, you can automatically send emails to pique their interests. These personalized emails speak directly to their needs and wants.

What Goes into a Real Estate Drip Campaign?

Emails in a real estate marketing campaign have varying types of content, but they all have basic elements in common. These elements are subject line, email body, images, CTAs, social icons, and email signature.

Subject line

This is the first thing a buyer sees when they open their email account. A poor subject line can keep them from opening the email entirely. However, a clear and strong subject line captures the interest of possible leads by being interesting, relevant, and unique.

Email body

This will be where most of your content lies. Create different and interesting information and give the reader a purpose to continue reading and then hopefully connect with you.

Email images

Real estate relies heavily on pictures of properties. These pictures give your audience a look into what you want them to see immediately. Images are ideal for people who skim content before reading any further. Also, visuals are the best way to feature real estate properties.

Call to action (CTA)

Here is where you provoke the reader into action. This is the moment you invite them or prompt them to move forward in buying or selling by clicking or subscribing to a form or newsletter or even making an appointment for a consultation. A strong CTA is clear, actionable, and creates a sense of urgency for the reader to act now.

Social icons

Social icons let the reader connect to your social media platforms to find out more about you, your business, and customer testimonies. Your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn allow the clients or leads to connect with real estate agents quickly and easily.

Email signature

Leave your mark in a unique way. An email signature is really an electronic business card. It can be formatted to include a headshot and your social media links, plus your name, title, phone number, and website address. This is your chance to leave a lasting impression. 

Here are some great tips on how to make the most of your email signature. For example, you should include your contact info and photo to personalize your signature.

Tips for Effective Drip Campaigns

Take steps to create a drip campaign tailored to your targeted and current clients. Shaker also offers real estate email templates to help you outline what you want to say. Front-load the proper information and considerations, and let your emails do the rest.

Identify your goal.

Determine the goal you have for the campaign and be specific. Then, you can easily measure if the campaign achieved your goal.

  • What do you want to achieve with your campaign?
  • What is the big picture?
  • What action do you want the recipients of the emails to take?
  • Do you want new people to the area to be aware of the services your real estate business has to offer? Do you want them to provide feedback on a service?
  • Do you want former clients to give you referrals?
  • Do you want to showcase a certain area or type of property?

After you’ve determined your goal, you need to make sure your emails reach the right audience. You want certain people to act on certain prompts. With Shaker's Transaction Management, you can segment your audience using email engagement, demographics, new clients, buyers versus sellers, and other categories.

Tip: Using Shaker real estate email templates can take a lot of the guesswork out of this process.

Determine your campaign frequency

How long do you want the campaign to last and how many emails will the recipients get? Daily emails can quickly drive clients away. Yearly or quarterly emails don’t do enough to keep you top of mind when clients are ready to buy or sell or recommend a realtor to a friend. Would monthly or bi-weekly emails garner the results you anticipate? 

Generally, a campaign lasts six weeks, with potential buyers and sellers getting four to seven emails in total.

Determine strategic triggers

How do you want clients to enter your work world? Do you want them to sign up for a newsletter? Do you want them to contact you for a consultation? Figure out what action you want them to take and set the triggers accordingly.

Metrics to measure conversion

You need to see data to determine the effectiveness of your campaign. You will want to see acquisition, conversions, and engagement metrics at a minimum. You can set metrics to measure these goals like time spent, clicks, purchases, and renewals.

Create engaging content

Now that all of the logistics are set, begin to write your content. Present, through your words, your personality, and what makes you stand above the rest. 

Refer back to previous emails in the campaign to keep the flow. You want them to act now! So, make sure you personalize the content to keep each reader engaged.

Run the campaign.

Send your first email and monitor client engagement. Good and bad results both help you strengthen this and future campaigns.

Final Thoughts

This article discusses the essential emails of crafting effective email campaigns and tips on how to engage buyers and sellers. Now, how about equipping yourself with tools that simplify the process for stellar results?

Contact us today for a free demo of what Shaker real estate lead generation tools can do for you. We are your go-to source for real estate marketing and campaign tools to help you reach your customers and to gain their trust through consistent and reliable interactions. Let us help you be the best and most reliable real estate agent possible.

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