August 9, 2021

Announcing Mobile Apps and Customizable Transaction Timelines

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Mobile App

The client portal is mobile! Clients can now download Shaker via iOS in the app store or Android in the Google Play Store. Clients who already have access to Shaker can simply download the app “Shaker Client Portal” and sign in.

When new clients receive their invite to the Shaker portal, they will now have instructions to download the app after creating their account.

What's changed on the transaction timeline?

Today you will notice a new look and expanded customization options on transaction timelines in Shaker. These changes will also be reflected in the new mobile app for clients

  • Client Transaction timelines will now default to show a streamlined list of  important dates only
  • Timelines can be customized to include additional dates of your choosing at both an account-wide level and at the individual deal level.

To customize global timeline settings, visit Settings > Timeline and choose your important dates. To customize an individual transaction timeline visit the Deal, open the timeline tab and select "Configure"

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Questions - email support at support@shaker.io

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