July 27, 2023

5 Questions with Laura Turner of FC Tucker Realtors

Chris Lucas
Chris Lucas

Laura Turner, of F.C. Tucker Realtors, and Broker/Owner of the Laura Turner Realty Group, literally joined us from her car in between showings to talk all things Real Estate, real estate technology, and shared a memorable story about a showing! Watch the video on our YouTube Channel or read below for the full transcript.

1. What is the biggest hurdle you face right now?

the biggest hurdle I've had on listings and such is buyer's remorse. I think that this market is pivoting, it's not necessarily slowed down but I think that buyers are getting under contract on perhaps some of my listings and then they just get cold feet. That's been a huge hurdle as of late. I think it's with the rise of the interest rates potentially, that's definitely affecting it.

From a bigger perspective, the biggest thing is probably just the challenge of inventory still. So having a number of buyers and trying to source houses for them, when frankly we have a limited amount of inventory and you're still in those multiple offer situations and you wanna make sure that they make smart decisions and you're giving them the guidance to do so.

2. What excites you about a market like this?

It's a challenge and I think t's easy to probably get bored, you know, you have the same transaction over and over and over. But my gosh, it's a challenge and I think the exciting thing of it is this is for the last 24 months, nobody gets more excited than me. I swear when I win an offer, it's like winning the lottery, I swear.

It doesn't matter if it's for a $200,000 home or a $900,000 home because we're in multiple offers. That definitely kinda keeps me ticking.

I know a lot of agents get beat down with it and they're like, oh, I'm so over this, but to me I'm like, it's a challenge. Get back out there and if it, if it's meant to be it, it's gonna happen and we're gonna get this house under contract and it's gonna be like winning the lottery truly, even though they're gonna have to start paying a mortgage.

3. Is there anything new or unique strategy that you're using to help grow your team and grow your business?

In kind of the fluctuating market, the biggest thing is tapping into different kinds of technology, marketing properties, things like True Tours, and just thinking kind of outside the box.

I think that everybody does the same thing, the ordinary thing. And trying to be a front runner in the industry and doing something different. One of the things I think Tucker just started doing this past year was twilight open houses. Nobody does twilight open houses, but it's been, um, an experience or whatever that we've seen that you capture more people that are coming home after work.

With my team, you know, incentivizing things like we've got big goals, we wanna go big places this year, so incentivizing them with a team trip at the end of the year. So those are things that, on a personal level that we're doing, just to kinda keep everybody excited and engaged with this market that can totally beat you down. You just have to create the excitement and the opportunity.

4. As you think about deploying technology across your team, what are some considerations that you have?

We want things to be uniform across the board. Like, this is what we do for marketing, this is what we do for websites. This is what we do on social media, just to make sure that everybody is on the same page so when they walk into one of our listings, that they know that they're gonna get comprehensive information, that they're gonna have everything at their fingertips and they don't need to, be calling three different people, myself, the team, the other co-agent or whatever on it.

5. What's the funniest thing that you've encountered at a showing or a client meeting

I have two if that's okay?

One, I was actually in the Bates Hendricks area at a listing and I put my hand in my pocket and I didn't realize I had a live taser in there, taze myself. That was really bad. So that was bad.

Most recently I was with these clients and it's raining, have on these cute boot cut jeans and my heel catches and I fall flat on my face in the mud. And I just got up, brushed myself off, like it was no big thing. And I was like, well, these listing sheets are, you know, dead now I need to throw those away, and I was like, let's go to the next house! But I just literally picked up and carried on. I maybe should wear like a GoPro when I'm showing houses because I'm pretty sure that it might get some followers.

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