January 26, 2022

Maintaining your contact database with Google Contacts and Shaker

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Creating Contacts in Shaker

When first creating your account in Shaker, you’ll want to import or sync all of your contacts as a starting point. That way you can maintain existing relationships through stay in touch plans and add past clients to new transactions. You can do this by importing a spreadsheet or syncing google contacts in the mobile app.

How can you keep your database updated when you get new contacts?

Google Contacts users have the ability to create new or update existing Shaker contacts every time a new Google Contact is created. Using Zapier, you can take the following steps to automatically sync your new contacts to Shaker. These app connections are call Zaps.

1. Choose the app you are synching from first (Google Contacts), then the app you are connecting to (Shaker). Then decide what triggers the workflow to kickoff and want to want to happen. "When a Contact is Created or Updated in Google Create a Contact in Shaker"

2. Follow the steps within Zapier to authenticate your Google andShaker accounts.

3. Select the data/fields you want to fill in Shaker. Any standard or custom contact field setup in Shaker will be an option.

4. Select the fields In Google you want to populate the data in Shaker.

5. Test and Connect!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will this cause duplicate contacts in Shaker?

No. If a contact already exists in Shaker with an email address, we will not duplicate that record. However, if you add new information it will enhance the record or overwrite it with the new info.

How much is a Zapier Subscription?

It's free for up to 3 connections.

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