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Real estate transaction timeline view and task list
Paperless Pipeline vs. Shaker

Earn more referrals with a client-first alternative to Paperless Pipeline.

Get more done with Shaker, an advanced alternative to Paperless Pipeline.


A look at Shaker vs. Paperless Pipeline

Browse through the chart below to see how Shaker compares to PaperlessPipeline.

Shaker is more than just a transaction manager.

Whether you’re a team leader looking to accelerate workflows, a real estate broker recruiting through technology, or an individual agent wanting to save yourself time, Shaker can help.

Simplify your tech stack

Combine CRM with transaction andtask management in one simple,move in ready platform.

Collaborate seamlessly

Streamline communication and sharetimely updates with clients and vendors, creating a better experience for everyone involved.

Save precious time

Reduce data entry, with smart integrations like DocuSign Rooms for real estate and IDX connections.

Benefits when you switch to Shaker

Personalized support

Time is the most finite resource a real estate agent has. When issues or questions arise, you need a team behind you that can respond quickly. Shaker offers dedicated account support via email, chat and even a live person if you need to collaborate on a process or a solution.

Email & SMS synching

With email and SMS synching, you’ll always have a record of your communication with buyers and sellers, regardless of what team member they interacted with. Team inbox features allow any team member to see and respond to client messages at any time. Compatible with Gmail, Outlook & more.

Unlimited usage

Many real estate software products up-charge customers for storage costs, increased transaction volume, number of emails or texts sent or number of contacts in your database. Not Shaker. Your monthly bill will never have hidden fees or overage charges.

It's just prettier :)

It’s possible to have function and fashion and we’re not talking about cargo pants. Unlike many legacy real estate software solutions, Shaker’s clean, modern design and step-by-step process automation make it easy to learn and ideal for onboarding and training new agents.

Calendar integrations

Real estate transactions live and die by meeting or missing deadlines. From inspection dates to listing expiration dates, Shaker provides a snapshot of everything you have upcoming in a simple calendar view that can be customized and synced with google calendar, outlook calendar or ical so you never miss another deadline.

Flexible transaction automation

From agents, to teams to brokers to independent transaction coordinators. Every client does things a little differently. We recognize, your individuality is part of what makes you successful and that one size fits all doesn’t work. We make it a point to allow customers the flexibility to customize their processes and present their brand to customers in their own unique way.

When to use Shaker

You're looking for a single source of truth on leads, client communication and transaction history.

You're looking to set yourself apart with a memorable, branded client experience.

You want to accelerate workflows and manage tasks more effeciently

When to use Paperless Pipeline

You prefer a pay per transaction model based on lower transaction volume

You equate vintage software with fine wine

You use Paperless Pipeline for commission management and don't have another solution.

Customers love the simplicity and flexibility of Shaker.

"I've been searching for a system like Shaker to support my team for several years! Finally, I'm no longer in point solution hell."

Jeff packer

Jeffrey Packer

The Packer Group

"Shaker allows us to organize our workflows and deliver value to our clients while remaining simple and concise. It keeps my team focused on what they do best."

Mike DelRose Jr.

The Mike DelRose Team

Work fast, sell faster

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