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Real estate transaction timeline view and task list
Paperless Pipeline vs. Shaker for transaction management

Paperless real estate transactions and pipeline management

Get more done with Shaker, an advanced alternative to Paperless Pipeline for managing real estate transactions.


A look at Shaker vs. Paperless Pipeline real estate software

Get a side by side comparison of how Shakers transaction management platform stacks up as an alternative to PaperlessPipeline for real estate.

Shaker is more than just a paperless transaction manager.

Whether you’re a team leader looking to accelerate workflows, a real estate broker recruiting through technology, or an individual agent wanting to save yourself time, Shaker can help you digitally streamline your real estate business allowing you spend more time focused on growth and less time on data entry.

One command center

Define your processes, build custom checklists, and integrate your other vital tools into a streamlined pipeline management platform you can access in one place.

Collaborate seamlessly

Streamline communication and share timely updates with clients and vendors, creating a better experience for everyone involved.

Save precious time

Reduce data entry, with smart integrations like DocuSign, Dotloop, CRMs and more.

Benefits for teams when you switch to Shaker

Flexible and Affordable

Enjoy a similar set of business management features for less. With Shaker, you'll enjoy affordable software with flexible plans and no hidden fees. Shaker offers monthly and annual subscriptions with flexible cancelation policies.

Email & SMS Synching

With email and SMS synching, you’ll always have a record of your communication with buyers and sellers, regardless of what team member they interacted with or how you communicated. Team inbox features allow any team member to see and respond to client messages at any time. Compatible with Gmail, Outlook & more.

Advanced Document Integrations

Your days of duplicate data entry are over! Shaker integrates with Dotloop, Docusign Rooms and Docusign eSignature to provide seamless data transfer and simplified paperless signing for your clients.

Everything Mobile

We know your business is on the go. From agents to clients, everything Shaker offers is available on any device. From our desktop application to native iOs and Android agent and client apps you can access Shaker anywhere, anytime.

When to use Shaker

You're looking for a single source of truth on leads, client communication and transaction history.

You're looking to set yourself apart with a memorable, branded client experience.

You want to accelerate workflows and manage tasks more effeciently

You work on the go and need a mobile application

You use Dotloop or Skyslope

When to use Paperless Pipeline

You're an independent TC or prefer a pay per transaction model based on lower transaction volume

You equate vintage software with fine wine. Yes, we've got jokes.

You use Paperless Pipeline for commission management and don't have another solution.

Customers love the simplicity and flexibility of Shaker.

"I've been searching for a system like Shaker to support my team for several years! Finally, I'm no longer in point solution hell."

Jeff packer

Jeffrey Packer

The Packer Group

"Shaker allows us to organize our workflows and deliver value to our clients while remaining simple and concise. It keeps my team focused on what they do best."

Mike DelRose Jr.

The Mike DelRose Team

Work SMARTER, Close faster

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