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Seller Utility Transfer Reminder

Copy and paste this template into your message body and personalize to fit your style. If using in Shaker, be sure confirm all of the suggested merge fields have been created in your account.

Utility Transfer Reminder | {{ deal.street }}

Hi {{ deal.firstNames }},

This is a friendly reminder that you will need to arrange for the utility service at {{ deal.street }} to be transferred out of your name after settlement. As a reminder, unless otherwise agreed to in the contract, the seller is responsible for keeping all utilities on through closing.

We recommend a disconnect date of 1 business day after the scheduled settlement date. This allows for any unforeseen circumstances that may delay closing for any reason.

UTILITY COMPANIES – If you can please forward me a list of all current utility providers for the home that would be great. Please include water/sewer/electric/gas/TV/internet/trash, as applicable. I will deliver these details to the buyer’s agent to have the buyers transfer all utilities into their names as of the closing date.

If you have a parking space number, mailbox number, garage keypad code (we will wait to share this until the final walkthrough), etc -- any additional information that we should pass along to the buyer -- please let me know and I'll be sure this information is relayed.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all. Thanks so much!