Improved organization, client service and accountability

Creating consistency in process and client communication across a team can be challenging. See how the Mike Del Rose Real Estate Team was able to streamline processes and maintain brand consistency using Shaker.

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An influx of new technology, the consumer-driven economy, and new entrants to the industry has made residential real estate more competitive. We were exploring new CRM options and I was looking for Hubspot for real estate but it didn't exist. Most systems were too expensive or too cumbersome for what our small brokerage needed. Frankly, they were slightly fancier contact management systems.

The Solution

I stumbled upon Shaker via Linkedin and it intrigued me. The ability to build out our own pipelines and workflows was very appealing.The transaction management is robust yet fluid. Most companies have failed to realize this, and as a result, were not suitable for our use.


We are really starting to use Shaker for its full potential. Our team went from no organized processes for client management and completely automated it. We are continually developing more workflows for different situations that allow for improved organization, customer service, and accountability. The biggest quantifiable outcome is that we have been able to standardize our service amongst team members, giving power to our brand.

"Shaker allows us to organize our workflows and deliver value to our clients while remaining simple and concise. It keeps my team focused on what they do best.”

Mike Del Rose Jr.
Mike Del Rose Real Estate Team
RE/MAX Revolution

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