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Creating consistency in process and client communication across a team can be challenging. See how the Alex Winfield Real Estate Team was able to streamline processes and increase the amount of transactions they could manage using Shaker.

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The Alex Winfield team was experiencing an increased volume of transactions. With three agents, running approximately 19 clients at a time, a need for a centralized task and communication management solution emerged.

The Solution

Shaker stood out over other products due to its apparent ease of use and the fact that it didn't overly complicate the process. The change did not overwhelm our team or our current transactions. In fact, the additional communication with clients was praised throughout the transaction.

In addition to ease of use, integrations with our MLS, Gmail, Docusign, document storage, and automation were top on our list and Shaker had them all.


Since adopting Shaker, our team has been able to handle more transactions at a time and invest in lead-generating software due to time saved. One agent increased sales by almost 20 closings in one year using Shaker.

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"Any time I have a question there is someone available. Having a company that essentially has your back and wants to help has not only been impressive but a blessing in growing my business. "

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Alex Winfield Real Estate

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