May 18, 2021

Testimonial Tree vs. RateMyAgent: Which Is Better to Showcase Your Reputation?

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

Buying or selling a home is stressful, making it crucial for buyers and sellers to find a real estate agent they can trust. Most buyers and sellers will ask friends and family for a recommendation as well as explore review sites on the internet to the best agent to fit their needs.

As an agent, you need to ensure your brand is reflected in the best light when potential clients search for information about local realtors and that you rise to the top which can be hard in busy markets. The race to the top may be long, but it starts with building up your reputation and asking your own clients for reviews. 

While you ultimately can’t control which sites clients use to post reviews, It can't hurt to ask for reviews on specific sites that are more likely to boost your local rankings

There are two primary services known for helping real estate agents amplify reviews and aggregate all the best word-of-mouth about their services; Testimonial Tree and RateMyAgent. But which one is best for your business?

Comparison of Testimonial Tree vs. RateMyAgent

Both Testimonial Tree and RateMyAgent boast their ability to grow your business utilizing real estate reviews or testimonials as a springboard and with so many similar features, it’s hard to know which to choose.

Let's start with a brief side-by-side comparison for our skimmers out there and then we’ll dive into more detail on the defining factors of each service. 

Image based on publicly available features advertised on testimonial tree and RateMyAgent websites as of May 2021.

Testimonial Tree Review

Testimonial Tree's philosophy is in the name. The company focuses on testimonials since they offer compelling "word of mouth" evidence of a real estate professional's expertise and level of client care with home buyers and sellers. With Testimonial Tree, you'll find the following tools and services to help you showcase everything your clients want to know:

  • Testimonial Software. When you're ready for a client's review of your services, submit a request. Once the client completes their review, it will automatically go up on your website. You won't need to do anything new or different. 
  • 5-Star Online Reviews. With these positive social media reviews, your clients give you a big hand in marketing.
  • Satisfaction Surveys. Satisfaction surveys offer you a chance to learn from your current and previous clients. Ask them questions that matter most to you, such as how attentive they felt you were and whether they would use your services again. All this information can help you make improvements for future clients. 
  • Micro Business Websites. Create your own mini-page where you can earn the highest ranking in Google results with your glowing testimonials, reviews, and vital business information. Testimonial Tree vows to help boost your SEO to earn traffic and new clients for you.

RateMyAgent Review

The RateMyAgent model is somewhat different from the Testimonial Tree model, providing a ranking of the top-rated realtors and real estate agents in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and other countries in addition to review amplification services. With these rankings, local home sellers and buyers can see how you rate relative to your peers and contact you to learn more about your services. 

The website works by allowing clients to search your agent name in the search bar at the top of the website's page. If your clients don't find your name and rank there, they can add your name quickly and easily. Once the clients reach your profile page, they can rate your services, ideally helping you move up in the rankings, especially for your local area. Clients can also take the time to add testimonials and comments to enhance your reputation further and increase your visibility. 

Real customers have offered praise of RateMyAgent in appreciation for having free access to a service that offers objective and unaltered information about agents in their area. 

The baseline service is free for you to use, creating and managing your own profile page but there’s more to offer beyond just a profile.

Key differences between RateMyAgent and Testimonial Tree

Reviews: Both services collect reviews, publish reviews on 3rd party sites as well as your own website.  Testimonial Tree gains valuable points for integrating with a broader range of sites including big hitters realtor.com and zillow, but those connections are gated on a premium plan which costs $100/mo.  RateMyAgents separates itself in this category by offering another place for your reviews to be found as well as 3rd party validation and a “verified” review promise.

Marketing: RateMyAgent goes beyond review syndication and allows you to create simple ads across Google, Facebook and Instagram to further promote your reviews. In addition to that, you can generate reviews based info sheets that can be used to earn listings and win buyers based on your reputation.

Branding & Widgets: Both services offer website widgets that feed reviews directly to your own personal website which can be added on any page.  Design is a matter of personal preference, but the RateMyAgent widgets offer more customization and win for most visually appealing in my book.

Now that you know what both services have to offer, it's a matter of deciding which one best suits your style and professional goals.

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