January 31, 2023

Release Notes Jan 2023 - Field Upgrades, Mobile App

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

What’s new?

With our latest release we’ve adding several new standard fields and upgraded some existing date fields to be date+time fields. These enhancements will make daily use of Shaker even more intuitive. We've also launched version 1.2.0 of the Shaker Agent Mobile App into the App and Google Play Stores.

Changes to Custom Fields

New Deal Fields

  • Final Walkthrough Date + Time
  • Earnest Money Due Date
  • Closing Location
  • Listing Appointment Date + Time

Upgraded Deal Fields 

  • Closing Date now has an optional time component
  • Inspection Date has an optional time component

New Vendor Field

  • Address - You can now add an address to vendors to communicate their locations with clients.

New Date/Time Picker: And last but not least, the "Analog clock" has been replaced with a new date and time picker.

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Mobile App Enhancements

The latest version of the Shaker Agent App addresses the following issues:

  • Intermittent Crashing for iPhone Max users
  • Add support for click to call and click to email from contacts
  • Add support for copying and pasting addresses

What to do if you’ve already created a custom field that is now a standard field?

In some cases these fields will be duplicates of custom fields you have already created in your account. That’s ok. Where possible, our team has detected where you have a similar field and transferred the data into the new field.

For example: If you have a custom field that contains a label that is similar to “Final Walk Through Date”, we will transfer that data into the new standard field. We will however, leave your custom field in place to avoid any interruption in your scheduled emails, texts, etc.

We do recommend you phase them out at some point  in favor of the new fields to eliminate confusion. When phasing out old fields, remember to swap your new fields in the following important places.

  1. Message template merge fields
  2. Deal stage form fields
  3. Timelines

If you have any questions or concerns, or need assistance please contact Shaker support and we'll be happy to assist you.

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