April 12, 2023

Tips and resources for getting maximum client adoption with Shaker

Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh

One of the key values of using Shaker is improving and streamlining client communication through emails, texts and of course, the client portal. The client portal is an especially important tool to facilitate communication and keep your clients on task. Before you begin inviting clients to Shaker, take a few minutes to set yourself up for success and take advantage of the shared marketing resources provided.

Here are our top tips for getting your clients using Shaker right away:

1. Showcase Shaker in your Listing & Buyer Presentations

By introducing Shaker at the earliest point in your relationship, you’ll be letting clients know that Shaker is part of the fabric of how you do business. By doing so, you'll demonstrate that client communication and service are a top priority for you.

  • Bonus points: Create a PDF copy of your presentation and other documents such as CMA’s and let them know they can access a copy via Shaker.

2. Create an intro email:

Send your own personalized email before sending the Shaker invite recapping the value and what they can expect from Shaker. Don’t forget to encourage them to download the app for quick, easy access and the added benefit of push notifications.

Example intro to Shaker email:

Subject: Accessing our Client Communication Portal

Hello {{ deal.firstNames }},

I wanted to send a quick note introducing you to a software service we use called, Shaker. You will soon receive an email from Shaker, inviting you to create an account. Please keep an eye out and create your account as soon as possible. This is going to be a big part of how we communicate important information throughout this process.

Through Shaker, you will see a timeline of important dates, receive task notifications from me as well as copies of important documents. I have also created a vendor library for you including local resources you may need during this process.

Once you create your account, I encourage you to install the mobile app and sign in via The App Store or Google Play Store. This will make it easily accessible for you.

Watch this video for a brief overview of how Shaker works.

If you have any questions about Shaker or the process in general, please don't hesitate to contact me. We look forward to working with you!

All My Best,

3. Create an immediate action in Shaker

Once you invite your clients to Shaker, it’s great to have some sort of action for them to take right away. This creates urgency to download the app and familiarizes them with what to expect. One way to do this is to assign an immediate task.

Here are some good examples of 1st tasks to assign:

For sellers:

  • Upload your HOA Covenants and Restrictions to the shared folder in Shaker
  • Drop a Spare Key at our Front Office for you lockbox
  • Complete Staging Tips prior to photo date
  • Download the App “Shaker Agent” on your mobile device

For Buyers:

  • Upload your pre-approval letter to the shared folder in Shaker
  • Fill out our Buyer Preferences Worksheet
  • Download the App “Shaker Agent” on your mobile device

4. Weave references to Shaker into continued communications.

For example, when it’s time to choose an inspector, remind clients that your recommended inspectors can be found in the vendor directory within Shaker and that receipts for repairs should be uploaded into the documents library prior to closing.

Additional Resources for promotion

Utilize these tips and resources you should be on your way to greater adoption and improved client communication.

Do you have a Shaker tip to share? If so, email it to support@shaker.io. We’d love to hear it!

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